Cervical Screening Test (CST)

CST is the New Pap Smear

Cervical Screening Test


The previous 2 yearly PAP smear programme has been replaced as of December 2017 by the new Cervical Screening Test, done every 5 years, or more frequently if advised for example for investigation of midcycle bleeding or spotting, or by patient choice (paid privately).

The CST tests for the presence of high risk HPV. If found, the cells will be checked by the laboratory by Liquid Based Cytology (LBC). The LBC may be clear (negative) or may show a low grade or a high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. These require specialist care and treatment.

Liquid Based Cytology is not routinely done now, but is an elective extra, done together with the CST, costs around $50 to the patient.